Delete MS Office Cache

If you are looking to clear Microsoft Office cache then you have landed at right place. You need not to struggle much to learn how to clear MS Office cache files from your computer. This article will completely guide you that how to clear Microsoft Office cache. If you work on computer and use MS Office then whenever you create a file then a temp file is created on your hard drive. If you open a file frequently on your computer then it will be stored in cache. Over the time of use your system starts witnessing the accumulation of a large number of cache files created by MS Office. If the cache size of your MS Outlook is increased then it becomes a source of many problems for your computer. One of the dominating side effects of this cache is that it slows down the performance of your system.

Another effect which takes birth with increasing the size of MS Office cache is it wastes memory space of your storage drive of system. Because of this problem you might start facing low hard disk space. As a consequence of this you won’t be able to store useful data and could not even install new application on it. In addition to this other program installed on your computer also starts malfunctioning and creates a very irritating situation for you.

If you want to get of the entire problem caused by cache of MS Office then you should clear all cache files from your system. You can find and locate this cache on your system and delete it manually. Doing so takes a lot of time & effort and you need to do all the process to clean MS Office cache manually. Hence, if you need to get rid of this cumbersome process then you should make use of an automated tool which can do all the process of cleaning your MS office cache in just a couple of seconds.

When you try to find such type of tool then do not waste your time and just make use of Remo MORE without any hesitation.  MORE is a brainchild of highly qualified software professionals that has come into existence after a deep brainstorming session by many top quality software engineers, after conducting a serious inspection about the botheration of users.  It is integrated with a well programmed algorithm which comes handy to scan your hard drive in order to find and delete cache very easily.

Steps to clear Microsoft Office cache :

Step 1: Download MORE and install it on system. Run the application and choose Optimize option from main screen and then choose Privacy Cleaner option and then select Clean Program Junk from this screen as shown in figure 1.

How to Clear Microsoft Office Cache - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select Office cache from this screen and then choose Clean option as shown in figure 2.

How to Clear Microsoft Office Cache - Select Clean Option

Figure 2: Select Clean Option

Step 3: After this software will start cleaning, and after cleaning it will show you detailed report as shown in figure 3.

How to Clear Microsoft Office Cache - Report of Cleaned Files

Figure 3: Report of Cleaned Files