Repair corrupt DOCX file

Is your DOCX file corrupted severely? Repair it using a powerful repair tool

DOCX file format is the new format in Word 2007 and 2010 MS Office suit. It provides you the improved tools to make your file richer with better formatting. You may save your personal or any professional data in the document format. If you want to save any thing as soft copy and access it anytime at a place, then DOCX file format helps you. You can store important scripts of your story with the inclusion of animations, pictures, etc. You can save the passwords of many of your websites so that you can refer whenever you forget or if you want to confirm it. You can maintain your daily routine and diary using DOCX file format, etc.

What if you lose access to your DOCX file all of a sudden? Your file may not respond to open and you will lose all your important data in it. If you have the backup of your files then it is not an issue, but if not then you are under a great loss. You can use the inbuilt repair tool of Word suit to fix DOCX. If that doesn’t work then you should use a reliable third party repair tool.

Reasons for DOCX file corruption:

There are lot of reasons for the DOCX file to get corrupt, few are:

Round Tripping: You may lose your data for file corruption due to any compatibility issues. When you try converting file format from DOC to DOCX and then convert to the original format, you may face the problem of files getting damaged. This kind of file damage is called Round Tripping. You should repair corrupt Word 2007 file damaged in such case to get back the data in it.

Macro viruses: Your files may get damaged because of Macro viruses. Macro viruses are written in macro language. Word processor allows embedding macro programs in it. This is a mechanism using which viruses are spread. So do not take a chance by opening an unexpected attachment in emails.

Files may also get damaged for reasons like hard drive crash, CRC error, sudden system reboot, power outage, etc.

Important features of DOCX file repair:

  • You not only can repair DOCX file but also can fix Word file.
  • Highly effective algorithm repairs your corrupt Word files at a very less time.
  • Its simple and user friendly wizard helps repairing damaged files easily.
  • It can repair ms word 2010 file corrupted severely on your Windows OS.
  • Free demo version is available. If you are happy with the result, you can activate and save the DOC or DOCX file.

Procedure to repair corrupt DOCX file:

Step 1: Download DOCX file repair and install it in your system. Launch the software, the main page of the software will be displayed. Here you will be having a Browse and Repair option as shown in the below figure.

Step 2: Browse and select the corrupt DOCX file. Then click on “Repair” button to repair it.

Step 3: After repair, you can preview the file and Save it at a location. You need to give a destination path and click on “Save” button.

Few important tips to avoid file corruption:

  • Keep regular back up of your important DOCX files.
  • Do not shut down the system abruptly. Always close the Word application properly before turning off the system.
  • Use licensed anti-virus and keep updating it periodically before it expires.
  • Use UPS while working with any important DOCX file as power outage can corrupt your file.