Repair Damaged DOCX file

Learn How to Handle DOCX File Corruption Issues??

Word application created by Microsoft is the most popular text editor preferred for documenting purpose in both professional and personal fields. The earlier versions of MSWord were using .doc file format, but now a new file format called DOCX file is used for saving documents in Word 2007 and 2010. DOCX files are basically a compression of XML files, since they occupy very less space in comparison with earlier DOC file. But, at times these DOCX files gets corrupted and makes the information residing inside it inaccessible and unreadable to its users resulting in heavy data loss.

Suppose spending all night you created an important business documents in .docx file format. Next day morning, when you tried accessing the DOCX file, it generated some unknown error messages and restricted you to open your file as it has got corrupted. What can be done in such terrible situation? You cannot recreate the documents manually as you were running out of time. Need not worry!! In such freakiest situation, only DOCX file repair tool can help you to repair damaged DOCX file and retrieve data saved in it. Sneak a peek over, if you want to fix corrupt DOCX file.

Scenarios which end with DOCX file corruption:

  • Macro virus intrusion: Macro viruses are just similar to other viruses like Trojan, Worms, etc. but these Macro viruses will only target the Word files and they penetrate into DOCX files, when any macro application is added to the computer. It corrupts the DOCX files severely and makes the file inaccessible causing loss of data stored in it.
  • Abrupt system Shutdown: Improper shutdown of your computer because of continuous power fluctuations might corrupt your important DOCX file and you would not be able to access the information residing inside the DOCX file and thus leading to loss of files. This can also be a situation with DOC files. So, you can easily repair DOC file and DOCX file by using this DOCX file repair toolkit.
  • Repeated Round Tripping: In case, the Word application on your system is not compatible and does not support the file format, then you might change the format. In order to view DOCX file in different file formats, users make use of round tripping technique. In this method, Word documents is converted from one format to another format and again converted to original format that leads to DOCX file corruption.
  • Download error: When you are downloading DOCX file from internet, if the process gets interrupted resulting in incomplete downloading of file, then it might corrupt your DOCX file. After corruption, DOCX file refuses to open as it becomes inaccessible causing data loss.

You should always have a proper backup of important DOCX and other files, so that at the time of data loss you can retrieve the lost files. Right after losing files, do not use the device to add new files which avoids overwriting of corrupted file and results in complete data loss.

If you have come across any of the above defined DOCX file corruption scenarios, need not worry. With the help of DOCX file repair software, you can repair the corrupted file. The software can repair Word document created on any Word version starting from Word 2002 to Word 2010. This application comes up with powerful scanning engine, which does deep scanning of the drive from where you want to repair corrupted or damaged DOCX file. Using this application user can even perform deleted document recovery. Click here to investigate more about documents recovery.

Then on the basis of its file type, it easily repairs and rescues the information stored in it. In case you are facing any error while opening DOCX file, then this utility helps you in repairing the file and making it accessible to you. Get into this website, in order to acquire more knowledge.

Steps to fix damaged corrupt DOCX file:

Step 1: Download trial version of DOCX file repair tool and install it on the hard drive of your system. Run the application, the main page of the tool will appear. Select “Browse" button and then choose "Repair" option as shown in figure 1.

Repair Damaged DOCX File - Main Screen

Figure 1:Main Screen

Step 2: Now, choose the damaged DOCX file to repair it. After completion of repair process, you will be able to preview the repaired DOCX file using the highlighted link in blue as shown in figure 2.

Repair Damaged DOCX File - Preview file

Figure 2:Preview File

Step 3: Save the repaired file at a location. You must give a destination path and click on “Save” button as shown in figure 3.

Repair Damaged DOCX File - Save File

Figure 3: Save File