Fix DOC file

Problem in opening DOC file due to corruption? Repair your DOC file

DOC file is the older version of the DOCX file format. It is compatible and can be opened using any version of Microsoft Word suit. Hence the file is said to be in Compatibility Mode. It is very convenient to send files via mails in Compatibility Mode as it can be opened on any version of MS Word. Your DOC files are very important as they contain documentation of your work. If your files are used often by you and if you transfer files number of times then there are more chances of your files getting corrupted.

There are lots of reasons for which your files get corrupted and you lose access to your documents.

Abrupt system shut down: You may switch off the system accidentally or shut down the system while the file is not closed. This damages the file and makes it unaccessable. You will lose your important data because of this abnormal system shut down.

MS Office Word crash: MS Office may crash due to frequent installation of add-ons and other utilities into it. As a result, the entire system crashes and the programs on it stop working. Hence, the Word document becomes corrupt and does not respond properly. But, by the use of good Word document fixer software, you can fix corrupted Word files and restore data from it. Read here, for detailed information.

Improper download of file: While downloading .doc files from internet, your files may get corrupted for improper download. If you are using internet, you should be more careful as you may download any infected files or viruses. You may end up installing Trojan virus onto your system while playing online games or while using any other internet driven application. Hence suffer from huge data loss.

The other reasons for file corruption are, improper installation of MS Office Word, power outage and many more. It becomes mandatory to repair your .doc files when you don’t have the backup files. You can recover it using a powerful repair tool. DOCX File Repair is one of an effective repair tools to repair DOCX file as well as DOC file.

Some of the important features of the tool are:

  • Repair damaged DOCX file damaged due to sudden reboot of system.
  • It has user friendly interface that you don’t need to be a tech savvy to use it.
  • The tool implements effective algorithm to repair Word files.
  • It can repair Word 2007 document severely corrupted on your computer.
  • You can preview your data after repair and save at any location accessible by the OS of your computer.
  • It supports Word file repair on all the versions of Windows OS.
  • It can fix Word 2010 document, the last version of MS Word released in the market with the recovery of files of other older versions.

Follow simple procedure below to repair your corrupt DOC files:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the repair tool from Remo. Launch the software to get started with the repair of your damaged DOC files. Browse and select your corrupted file to be repaired. Click on “Repair” option to repair the particular file.

Step 2: After repair, preview the file to check whether your data is extracted effectively. If you want to save the previewed file, activate the demo version. Save option will get enabled once you activate the tool. Save the file at a location of your choice on your computer.

Important tips:

  • Use powerful anti-virus program.
  • To avoid file corruption due to power outage, use UPS.
  • Close the file properly before shutting down the system.