Fix Errors while Opening DOCX Files

Microsoft Word tool is the best Word processing application most widely used in many business organizations for documentation. Until version 2003, word documents were armed with a .doc extension which was universally followed for long time. However with the invention of Word 2007 Microsoft has introduced a new format for saving the documents famously known as DOCX file format. Basically DOCX file is a compression of XML files in compressed manner hence they consume very less space compared to earlier DOC files. Hence most of the word users prefer to save the data in DOCX format. However there are times when certain DOCX files starts to behave abnormally and refuses to open even after several attempts.

Suppose you have prepared a detailed documentation of your project work using Microsoft Word 2007 where the file is in DOCX format. Before the submission date when you tried to open the file to check or modify its contents, you encountered an unexpected error that rather acts as a barricade between you and the document. You might get surprised with DOCX file error messages and wondering what could be the reason behind such behavior of DOCX files that were working well few days back?

Some of the error messages that you might encounter include:

  • “There was an error opening the file.”
  • “Docx file is not in the recognizable format.”
  • “MS Word cannot access read-only document.”
  • “The document name or path is not valid.”

When you face above mentioned symptoms on accessing DOCX files you need to understand that the DOCX file is corrupted or damaged due to some logical errors. Each time you try to open the file only to be greeted by these error messages warning that the file has been damaged or corrupted and cannot be opened until you fix it.

Your vital DOCX files get damaged due to one of the following scenarios:

File Format Cycling: This is the main reason behind corruption of Word document files. It may happen when you convert a Word document from one format to other format repeatedly. For example changing Word file to PDF to Word format or changing from Word to excel and back to Word on continuous basis. This changing process is known as file format cycling. This process severely corrupts DOCX file.

Header Corruption: If the header of the DOCX file gets corrupted then the file becomes completely inaccessible. Header is the most vital part of the file as it stores all the access information related to file such as file name, file size, last modification date, file signature, creation date of file etc. Header of the file gets damaged when your system abnormally shuts down while you are working with Word document. It may also happen when you use of pirated or outdated versions of third party applications to recover deleted or lost file. Improper recovery of files by these applications further damages the header of the file.

Macro Virus: Word documents often get infected by macro virus. Macro viruses are dangerous threats written in macro language. These viruses attack Word files when you try to embed any macro programs with in it. It takes the advantage of Word’s structure and functionality in order to replicate and trigger when certain events occur. If the Word document gets infected by macro viruses then there is no chance that your file will be free of corruption or damage.

Sudden System Reboot: If the system reboots suddenly when the DOCX file is in active mode then the files gets severely damaged. Sudden system reboot happens on account of software glitches, hardware component failure, severe overheating of the hardware component after long time usage of system etc.

Using improper recovery software: The Word documents may also get corrupted by recovery software. You might have lost the Word document and hence used recovery software tp ge back the Word file. The recovered Word file is now refusing to open. This is because the Word file got corrupted while recovering by the recovery software. Hence, you should choose recovery software which has read only mechanism. However, you can repair Word document after recovery using repair tool.

Besides these there are numerous reasons responsible for corruption of DOCX files. Some of them are as follows:

  • Interruptions during file transfer
  • CRC errors while downloading the file from internet
  • Incomplete download
  • Interruptions while editing the file
  • Invalid form of digital signature of file

Therefore in order to avoid such circumstances it is necessary to take some precautionary measures mentioned below:

  • Keep updated backup copy of important DOCX files.
  • Make use of UPS connection while working with any Word files as sudden power outage can corrupt the file.
  • Use genuine anti virus application installed on your computer to get rid of virus.
  • Never change the file format unnecessarily unless it is very important.

These precautionary measures will help you to protect your DOCX files from corruption. But even after taking precautions if you are still not able to protect your DOCX files from corruption make use of DOCX file repair tool to sort out any kind of corruption issues. It is highly recommended over other third party applications which may corrupt the file during repair process. The powerful recovery algorithms embedded in this read-only tool scans the corrupted DOCX file, extracts required information along with embedded objects and creates a new healthy file free of errors. The easy-to-use wizard provided in this tool helps you to fix corrupt DOCX files on Windows operating system version such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 200 and Windows 2008.

Other than DOCX files it can also fix DOC files and recovers text, OLE objects and hyperlinks from corrupt DOC files. It has an ability to repair highly encrypted and password protected word document files without breaking the password code. This malware and spyware free application can easily repair Microsoft Word 2010 document along with the documents of other lower versions of Word namely Word 2007, 2003 and 2000.

Follow simple procedure below to repair your corrupt DOC files:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the repair tool on your system. After launching the software the welcome screen of the software will be displayed. Welcome screen contains "Browse" and "Repair" buttons as shown in Figure 1.

DOCX File Repair - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Browse and locate the file which should be fixed and click on "Repair" option as shown in Figure 2.

DOCX File Repair - Select File

Figure 2: Browse and Locate the file

Step 3: After repair, preview the file to check whether your data is extracted effectively. If you want to save the previewed file, activate the demo version. Save option will get enabled once you activate the tool. Save the file at a location of your choice on your computer.

DOCX File Repair - Repaired File

Figure 3: Repaired File