How to Open Corrupt Word DOCX File???

Microsoft Word application is among the most popular and widely used software to write, edit, save and print electronic documents. People often use this application to create important documents, notes and thesis. Word files are very easy to create and use in both home and office, the file extension saved in MS Word are of two formats, I.e. .doc and .docx. Microsoft introduced .docx file format in 2007 which is also used in Office 2010. However just like any other Office files even DOCX files are not free from problems like corruption. Corruption to DOCX file occurs without warning, many users often think that once a DOCX file is corrupt it can never be repaired. But the truth is that these corrupted / damaged .docx files can be fixed and opened easily with the help of DOCX file repair tool; This software provides a perfect answer for how to open corrupt DOCX file. Look at few of the main factors responsible for .docx file corruption are explained below:

  • Errors: CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is an error technique that identifies whether the source file matches the destination file. If any mismatch occurs a CRC error message is displayed indicating that the DOCX file is corrupt. Usually CRC error occurs while opening any downloaded DOCX file
  • DOCX Header File Corruption: If any problem occurs to the DOCX header file due to virus / malware infection, then there are possibilities of document getting inaccessible and furthermore corrupt and bad. But, by using this robust repair tool, it is very easy to get answers on how to open corrupt DOCX file and even repair bad Word file within a couple of minutes.
  • Microsoft Word Failure: Sometimes Microsoft Office package might have not installed properly and creating .docx file using such application makes the file unreadable and corrupt
  • Terminating DOCX File Improperly: Closing your Microsoft Word file application while editing or accessing your Word file results in DOCX file corruption
  • Changing File Extension: Changing the file extension of your Word file from .docx to .mp3 or any other file format, sometimes makes DOCX file corrupt
  • Other Causes: Other reasons include power failure, interruption while transferring .docx files, bad sectors on hard disk, round tripping, recovery tool error etc. If you are thinking about how to open corrupt DOCX file, then employ this DOCX file repair software.

Whatever may the reason for your DOCX file corruption, there are ways through which you can open corrupted DOCX file back. Microsoft offers an inbuilt feature to repair DOCX file, follow the below procedure to fix and open your .docx file. Run MS Word application and click on “Open” button -> choose your corrupt .docx file, now instead of clicking on Open click on the small arrow next to “Open” button and choose “Open and Repair”.

Usually this method will help you in fixing and opening your corrupt DOCX file. However in case if your DOCX file is not fixed using this method, then you can use DOCX file repair software that knows how to open corrupt Word DOCX file. It can open and repair Word file of DOCX or DOC file format after corruption. Go to the given site, to extract more information.

DOCX file repair works like a magic in such kind of situation, this tool easily fixes and opens your .docx file corruption caused due to any possible reason. With the help of this utility, you can repair Word file of large size of both DOCX and DOC file extension. The application has a very friendly GUI through which even a user with less technical knowledge can repair and open his corrupt DOCX file, furthermore provides option to preview the repaired .docx file before saving.

Procedure to open corrupted DOCX file :

Step 1: Download DOCX file repair and install it in your system. Launch the software, the main page of the software will be displayed. Here you will be having a Browse and Repair option as shown in the below figure.

How to Open Corrupt DOCX File - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Browse and select the corrupt DOCX file. Then click on “Repair” button to open corrupted DOCX file and repair it.

How to Open Corrupt DOCX File - Browse and Locate the File

Figure 2: Browse and Locate the File

Step 3: After repair, you can preview the file and Save it at a location. You need to give a destination path and click on “Save” button.

How to Open Corrupt DOCX File - Repaired File

Figure 3: Repaired File

Precautionary measures:

  • Update your antivirus application to remove deadly virus causing corruption
  • Never save your DOCX file on hard disk with bad sectors
  • Don’t interrupt while moving or transferring your Word files.
  • Don’t use any unreliable recovery software to retrieve your deleted .docx file
  • Free demo version is available. If you are happy with the result, you can activate and save the DOC or DOCX file.