How to Fix Unreadable Documents?

The Microsoft Word documents are the simple file types in which symbols, text, images, etc. can be incorporated to prepare an informative file. You can use the different options and attributes on Word to present it in a better way. The document can be formatted with margins, headers, spacing between lines and so on. This makes it look more systematic and eye pleasing to read it. Word comes with the Microsoft Office suite. There are different versions of Word files released till date. It is becoming more and more user friendly and robust with each release.

The documents made it easy to create soft copy of the files and read it whenever you wish on your electronic storage devices like computers, phones, etc. What if the document goes unreadable? You may encounter this problem sometimes. When you try to open the Word document, you may get weird symbols and boxes instead of the original readable data. This happens when the Word document is corrupted. The Word documents get corrupted for many reasons which are discussed ahead in the document. Suppose you had to send some documents to the clients immediately. The documents are in office computer and you are at home. Hence, you logged into the office system remotely and sent the documents to the clients. But the Word documents on the client side are unreadable. This is because the Word documents got corrupted as you sent the Word files by remote access. What can be done now if there is no copy of the Word file? Is the data in the Word file gone forever? You had the confidential information on the document related to the project. In such cases, you can fix DOCX file using repair tool. DOCX file repair software is one of the efficient repair tools which are worth trying.

Let us know the causes for unreadable Word file. When you try to open Word file, you may come across error message that the Word was unable to read that document and the file might be corrupt. The Word files might have got corrupted for many reasons, some are as given below:

Software malfunction: The installed Office suite might not be working properly due to any missing file necessary for its functionality. You might not know about it unless your Word document created using the Office suite gets corrupted. The data in the file will be lost. During such situations, you can repair the corrupted unreadable Word file using repair tool.

Insecure internet: The internet usage is not secure; many of the viruses dwell there. Hence you should use internet security always to keep your data threat free. The probability of Word files getting infected by the viruses is more. You will lose the important data in it. However, you can repair the Word file using DOCX file repair software. This utility helps you to repair damaged DOCX file within couple of moments.

Sudden shut down: Sometimes the system may shut down suddenly due to OS crash, power outage etc. If the Word file was open during shut down then the Word file would collapse as it is not exited properly. The Word file might get corrupted and you will lose the access to the data in it. In such situation, you need repair tool to repair unreadable Word file.

Round Tripping : Round tripping is the process of conversion of Word file from one version to another and again converting to the initial version. The reconverted Word file to the original format might get corrupted. If you do not have the backup of the Word file then you need to repair the corrupted unreadable file. You can repair the Word file using DOCX file repair software.

Important features of DOCX file repair software:

The DOCX file repair software helps you repair unreadable Word file. You can fix corrupt DOCX file corrupted to any extent. You can recover the data in the Word file like text, OLE objects, hyperlinks, etc. after repairing the Word document. The software helps repair the Word files corrupted after round tripping. The software can fix Word 2010 and Word 2007 DOCX files. The software supports Word file repair on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP OS. The software has simple user interface to go about with and repair the Word document successfully. It consists of efficient repair mechanism to get back your data on corrupt Word file. The software can perform even DOC file repair with DOCX files. With the aid of this repair app you can fix DOCX file association as well. To know how to repair DOCX file association visit this URL: This software is capable enough to fix Bookmark not defined error in Word 2007, 2003, 2010, etc. with an ease.

Follow simple steps to repair Word files using DOCX file repair software:

Step 1: Download and install DOCX file repair software on the computer. Run the software and you will get the home page of the software as given below.

Repair unreadable Word file  - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Browse the unreadable Word file and click on "Repair" option.

Repair unreadable Word file  - Select File

Figure 2: Browse and Locate the file

Step 3: Preveiw the repaired file and save the repaired Word file at a specific location.

Repair unreadable Word file  - Repaired File

Figure 3: Repaired File