Repair Word 2010 document

Is your Word 2010 DOCX file corrupted? Repair it using an efficient tool

It’s a practice to keep record of anything in a written format. People say that if it is not written, it doesn’t exist. To keep track of your work, store any confidential data, etc, Word files are the best. It comes with lot of advantageous features to enhance the look of your document. Your data seem more interesting and easily understandable saved in your documents with the usage of lot of tools. Word files became better with each release of its version. Word 2010 is the latest version of MS Office Word for Windows OS. It gives you attractive documents very easily. It can recover your draft file version which is closed without saving. It has a better find tool to search for particular words in the document. You can add gradient fills, reflections, etc effects to the text directly. Lot of other favorable and advanced features makes it highly recommended.

At times when you try to open your DOCX file, it refuses to open. It is then you must understand that the file is corrupted for an unknown reason. You may not be able to repair corrupt DOCX file using the inbuilt repair tool of your Word 2010. You will need an efficient repair tool at such circumstances. DOCX file repair is one of the best repair tools in the market to repair Word DOCX file. You might be having lots of important data in it. Your hard work of day and night will go waste if you do not repair it. You may delete the corrupt Word files being unaware of the repair tool. In such situation, you can recover the deleted documents using recovery tool and repair recovered Word documents using repair tool.

Reasons for DOCX file corruption:

Trojan infection: Trojan horse is a malware which helps hacking your personal computer for unauthorized access. This won’t replicate like other viruses but as destructive as others. Beware of this virus, as it may get into your computer and your programs may be accessed remotely. Usually it is present in internet driven applications. So avoid downloading any files from unauthorized sites.

Sudden system reboots: System reboots suddenly without any notification due to many issues. Some are: software program errors, if any hardware component fails, overheating issues, computer viruses, etc. This causes DOCX file corruption, as the file shuts down forcefully. You should fix corrupt DOCX file to access your data in it, no other solution for this.
It might have damaged severely due to some other reasons like virus attack, abrupt system shutdown, operating system corruption, power failure, etc.

Important features of DOCX file repair are:

  • It can repair Word 2007 document corrupted for Trojan infection.
  • It repairs the corrupt documents and displays the copy of it without changing the source file.
  • With the help of DOCX file repair tool you mend your corrupt DOCX file and open it. For more helpful hints refer this site.
  • It can read all your important data from your corrupt file like simple text, clip art graphics, OLE objects, tables etc.
  • It can even repair DOC file on your computer corrupted because of hard drive crash.

Steps to repair your corrupt Word 2010 documents:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of DOCX file repair. In the home page of the repair software, you can find the Browse option to specify the path of the corrupt file. Select the corrupt file. After selecting the corrupt file, click on the Repair button. The software starts the repair process.

Step 2: Wait for few seconds for the completion of repair process. Once the file is repaired, you can preview the repaired Word 2010 document.

Step 3: If you are satisfied with the result, you can buy the tool to activate it. After activation, you can save the file using Save option.